Ramblings on Mid-Autumn 中秋节

Of Mooncakes and Random Fun I don’t eat mooncakes. But I do enjoy learning how to make them. For fun. I like the hands-on experience of seeing how different ingredients are pushed into a mould and out pop a wondrous looking glutinous sweet pastry. It feels like play dough that can actually be eaten. When…

Here’s the What and How to being Truly Kind–The Kindness Quotient Book Review

Have you read the news recently about a student who left her entire pocket money and a kind note to explain why she couldn’t finish her food in a local restaurant?
It started with an innocuous action of penning a note and leaving a $2 anonymously and then snowballing into further actions of kindness where the shop-owner responded by paying it forward to more people and offering free food. This is what I call as a domino effect of kindness, i.e. kindness begets kindness.
And it only takes one action to kickstart a chain effect of paying it forward.

You need experience to get the job but without a job you can’t get experience| Here’s how to get your first job before the coronavirus vaccine is found

How to get a job with no experience but a degree? How to get a first job with no experience? How do I get experience if I need experience to get experience?How do new graduates get work experience when basically every job requires work experience?What are good ways to get a job when having no experience? How can a recent graduate get a job without experience?If you don’t meet the experience qualifications for a job should you still apply?

When Online Teaching Goes Wrong|Here’s How to Make it Right

The general sentiments of educators around the world on the past 3 months of remote teaching was generally stressful, to say the least. I couldn’t agree more. Even though I am not taking full load, I nevertheless felt the immense pressure and expectations to step up to the plate within a very short period of time. The general consensus from the teaching masses seem to be the lack of support for teachers throughout this tough period of transitioning from classroom to online teaching. While administrators around the world argued that they did provide resources to support their teachers during the lockdown, it remains highly debatable whether the support given was apt and sufficient. After all, institutions have different policies and budgets available to support their teaching staff, and we have witnessed teaching jobs in the US being cut to reduce costs. Less data is available from other parts of the world, but I do foresee similar trends in the immediate future (or even now).